Diamond-Studded Style

The Diamond faux technique is unique in itself.  When considering this technique in a room you must factor in the room size, location and color of your furnishings and fabrics.  Because the Diamond faux technique is so graphic, consider it for an accent wall rather than an entire room.

For a subtle look, use two colors that are close to each other on the paint chip, or choose the same colors but vary the sheens.  If you want high impact, use contrasting colors.  Base coat the walls in the lighter color to start the process.

There are a couple of ways to get the diamond pattern onto the walls.  You can cut a template from cardboard and lightly trace the diamonds onto the wall with a pencil, using a level to check alignment.  You can also use a straight edge and level to measure each diamond by hand.  We use contact paper as it is the quickest and the lines cleaner.  You must measure the wall’s width and length, then divide by the desired number of diamonds to determine the exact measurements.  The first diamond is the most crucial; others will flow from there.  Use your creativity to stylize your diamonds.  You can glue flat-back half pearls or gems at the points, or use flat-head thumb tacks for example.  You can also leave the diamonds bare as the pattern is striking on its own!!


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